Zach Bitter

Zach Bitter

Ultrarunning Plans by one of the World's Best

Shatter your PR. Run better, faster, and farther with a training plan by Zach Bitter - the 100 Mile American Record Holder and the 12 Hour World Record Holder. Zach specializes in ultramarathon training with a fat-optimized metabolism nutritional approach. No matter your background, age, or ability, Zach can help you reach your ultrarunning goals!

Zach Bitter Plans
Zach Bitter - Ultrarunner and Coach
100 Mile American Record Holder
12 Hour World Record Holder

What You Get:

Each Zach Bitter training plan comes with the following:

  • Training plan loaded onto your Final Surge calendar
  • Printable copy of your training plan
  • Daily workout reminders detailing your upcoming workouts
  • The Final Surge mobile app, allowing you to view and log your workouts on-the-go