Final Surge Podcast Episode 36: Martin Hehir

In Episode 36 of the Final Surge Podcast we talk to HOKA NAZ Elite runner Martin Hehir. Marty ran for Syracuse University and helped lead them to a Cross Country National Title in 2015. We talk to Marty about his transition from college to pro and how his training has changed now that he competes at the highest level.

Welcome to Episode 36 of the Final Surge Podcast where we talk to former Syracuse Orangeman and current NAZ Elite team member Marty Hehir about his first year as a professional runner. We talk about his career at Syracuse, how he found out he would be running in the Olympic trials just two days before the race, and how his training has changed since going pro. Marty helped lead Syracuse to the National Title in cross country with his ninth place individual finish at the 2015 Championships.

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We like to start out by introducing the listeners to our guest by asking how you got your start in running?

What made you want to run at Syracuse? I'm guessing not for the weather?

While I don't think he is under appreciated any longer, for a while I think Chris Fox was probably one of the best college distance coaches that few knew. What was it like running for him?

When you were thinking about going to school at Syracuse were you already considering being professional runner, or were you just planning on running as an extra activity while at school? And, at what point did you decide you were going to pursue a professional running career?

How has the transition gone? Have you enjoyed it as much as you thought you would or has it been different?

You joined NAZ Elite in August, but you ran at the Olympic Trials in the 10k before that. Who were you training with before joining NAZ Elite?

You mentioned you were not even in the Trials until two days before. What is the back story there? How did you get in?

All runners for the most part have big personalities in their own way. Your group though seems to be on another level. How fun has it been to be part of that group in Flagstaff?

Marty answers the question, does Scott Fauble eat as many burritos as it seems during the week?

You have a 3k PR of 7:49 and you have run a half in 63 minutes. So you have a lot of versatility. What do you think you will be focusing on over the next few years?

What races do you have on the schedule?

One thing I love about your team is your openness. Your team's complete training logs are online at Do you guys get a lot questions about your training and why do you open it up so much when some others seem to be so secretive about what they do?

The first thing I have learned from interviewing so many professional coaches and runners is that there is no one road to Rome, but there are many ways to get there. There are many ways to get to the top, but all of them involve hard work and consistency. So what are some of the biggest changes you have seen since joining NAZ Elite versus what you were doing before?

You mentioned 15 x 1k workout. Saturday you did a Lactate Threshold 15 x 1k in 2:58 with 1 minute rest. One of the things I love about your online logs is not only do you have the workouts, but you have post workouts notes that you enter. So it looked like you stayed 2:57-2:59 on each rep. And, it states that you did it with a few of the other guys on the team. Is this a staple workout?

Today you did a leg speed workout where you ran a 3 mile warm-up, did 10 x 200m in 31 with a 200m recovery jog, and a 3 mile cool-down. How often are you doing these types of high leg speed workouts?

What advice would you give to a runner looking at your training log and looking for ideas for themselves? Obviously not everyone is an elite runner, so what could an age-group runner in a local 5k or 10k learn from reading your logs?

Rapid Fire... 5 questions in under 1 minute
Favorite running book? - Born To Run
Current trainers you are wearing? - Hoka Clifton 3
Favorite race? - 2015 NCAA XC Championship Race
Favorite meal or recovery drink? - Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Your favorite workout - Cut-down Workout


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