Weekly Workout #3

With a focus on recovery this week, Pete Alfino of Mile High Multisport gives us an active recovery workout done on a treadmill that can also be used when dealing with injuries. Don't be fooled however as this can be VERY challenging.

Workout Usage

I use this workout during recovery weeks, typically on a Monday after a harder weekend. I don't want the athlete taking a complete day off so I give them this workout or some drill work. I also use this workout for athletes who are dealing with injuries although the incline portion may be limited.

The Workout:

  • Active recovery walk on a treadmill (Don't laugh, it will kick your butt)
  • Total time 45-60 minutes

Walk on a treadmill. Set speed between 3-4.5 mph. Start at 0% incline and walk here for 5 minutes. Raise 1% every minute until you reach a point where you feel like you can't keep up, back off slightly and hold your form while you keep walking. Remember, to hold your form, arms held in 90 degree position, elbows drive back and forward. Keep shoulders and hands relaxed. Decrease in small increments in last 10 minutes for cool down. Swing your arms as you do when you run (Option in last 15 minutes to drop treadmill to 2% and run low zone 3).

Workout Benefits

This workout will use the same muscle groupings as when you run but with less impact on the joints. You are also activating the hips, glutes and hamstrings on the incline more than you do when you run flat. This is a great active recovery workout. This is guaranteed to be a LOT more challenging than you think.

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