Final Surge Podcast Episode 5: Luke Humphrey

In this episode we interview professional runner, author and coach Luke Humphrey of Hansons Coaching Services. Luke discusses marathon training, gives advice to new runners, and discusses the launch of his new group coaching site

Luke has agreed to give away a signed copy of his latest book Hansons Marathon Method 2nd Edition. The contest is open through 7/12. Details can be found here.

Luke Humphrey (Twitter) is a professional runner with the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project team and the owner and head coach of Hansons Coaching Services. In this interview we talk to the Coach about how he got into running, what advice he has for busy athletes and his take on the state of the U.S. men's marathon scene.

:45 How did you get your start in running?

2:40 What advice do you have for college runners who want to run post-collegiately?

5:25 What made you decide to transition from a professional runner to the owner and head coach at Hansons Coaching Services?

7:05 You have recently partnered with Final Surge and launched a new group coaching site, HCS Online Run Club. Can you tell us about the new site and who the site and training is geared towards?

9:30 The Hansons Training system is a very well-known and respected program inside the marathon and distance community. What made you decide to write a book about it?

10:45 Could you tell a new runner who has maybe not heard about what Keith and Kevin Hanson teach what makes your program training different?

12:00 As marathoning becomes more popular, more and more new first timers are turning to the challenge of running the marathon. For a new runner, who may be looking to finish a marathon to help raise money for their favorite charity, what advice would you have for them? For instance, someone going from maybe 20-25 miles a week to running a 26.2 mile race in one session?

13:45 What type of weekly progression for the long run do you recommend for that 20-25 mile per week runner?

16:25 Many of these recreational runners may have a spouse and three kids. They have work meetings in the morning, they have kids baseball games at night and just live busy lives. What advice do you have for someone who is finding a hard time creating the time to train to structure a weekly plan?

20:20 That runner is now running five days a week, of course, mileage will differ, but what would a typical training week look like on five days a week?

21:40 Looking at the U.S. Marathon scene, on the guys side, we have not seen a U.S. man go below 2:08 since Ritzenhein did it in 2012. Where do you see the future of the U.S. Men's team marathon runners in the next few years?

23:05 Of course Hansons-Brooks has Desiree Linden who will be running the Olympic marathon on the women's side. How is she looking?

23:45 A question that came in from Twitter: Have you thought about writing a book for a 5k runner and what differences would a book for a 5k training method have versus your current marathon book?

25:40 A second question that came in: How would you modify the basic plan to have only two SOS sessions per week (master/veteran asking)? And maybe we need to explain what an SOS (Something of Substance) day is.

28:35 Can you let us know how you are using Final Surge to help your coached clients?

29:55 You have made training plans available to purchase through Final Surge, who are those plans geared towards? Would they be helpful for both beginning and experienced runners?

Luke can be found in the following places:

Hansons Coaching Services
Hansons Training Plans
HCS Online Run Club


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