Final Surge Podcast Episode 19: Dathan Ritzenhein

In Episode 19 of the Final Surge Podcast we talk to 3-time American Olympian and 2:07:47 marathon runner Dathan Ritzenhein. Dathan is currently self-coached as he prepares for the New York Marathon as one of the overall favorites.

Dathan Ritzenhein is one of the most successful American distance runners of all time with three Olympic appearances. Today we get to talk to Dathan about his recent race against Mo Farah at the Great North Run, his upcoming NYC Marathon appearance and how he has prepared for it. We talk training, nutrition, and fat burning as well as what he is doing differently to stay healthy.

Dathan, thank for joining us today. Can you tell our listeners how you got started in running when you were a kid?

You have been training for the NYC Marathon and recently ran the Great North Run Half Marathon. You ran a 60:12, just 12 seconds off your PR and finishing a very strong second to Mo Farah. It sounds like you are running the best you have in 6-7 years and you must be healthy, how is your training going for NYC?

Can you give us an example of what the week looks like for you leading up to a marathon?

We have a great field coming up for the NYC marathon and they are offering $100,000 in American only price money. How much does that American only prize money play in getting such a strong field?

Is there one person, besides you obviously that American running fans should really be watching out for?

Some people have been able to excel while being self-coached, while others never were able to find a great long-term groove. How is the self-coaching going for you?

How has your training changed since you left Oregon and started training on your own again?

Do you think less high-end speed work has helped you stay healthier?

You are doing some coaching yourself now?

You have literally had some of the best coaches in the world from Wetmore to Brad Hudson and then Salazar. What did you learn from them that you use in your coaching now?

Some questions from Twitter: For a podium finish you need a great finish. What did you do differently with the Great North race to ensure a great finish?

Do you do any specific marathon training to work on being more efficient burning fat?

Not that you are old, but as you get older you need to focus more on the process and nutrition than a college kid does. What changes have you made to your nutrition over the years?

Over the years as you run into injuries, what have you done to stay in shape while injured?

How often are you in the gym during the week?

Are we going to see you on the track again or do you plan on focusing on the roads from here on out?

Any predictions for NYC?

How about on the women's side of NYC? Molly, Kim and Neely are representing America. How do you think they are going to do?

Rapid Fire... 5 questions in under 1 minute
Favorite running book? - Running with the Buffalos
Current trainers you are wearing? - Nike Vomero
Favorite race? - Marathon
Favorite recovery meal or recovery drink? - Burger
Your favorite piece of running equipment that is not your shoes? - R-3 Roller from Roll Recovery

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