Introducing The New Final Surge Podcast - Episode 1: Coach Jay Johnson

In episode one of the Final Surge podcast, we talk with Coach Jay Johnson about how he became a coach, common running injuries and his upcoming book on marathon training for busy people.

Coach Jay was a varsity runner at the University of Colorado and a member of the team when Running with the Buffaloes. Jay would coach at the Colorado for six years before turning to coaching professionals and coaching runners online.

We all know that injury prevention is a key to running consistently and improving. Jay talks a lot about SAM (strength and mobility). Core strength and hip strength go a long way in keeping you healthy. When runners hear strength work they often think about hitting the weights. Jay believes that weights are not necessary for many runners, basic body weight hip strength work will for most.

We talk a lot about the lunge matrix. Here is Jay's video on the lunge matrix.

Jay has a great podcast called the Run Faster Podcast.

Jay is always sharing information and advice on his website, and make sure you sign up for his email list too!

Jay has an amazing YouTube channel where he shows you many SAM (Strength and Mobility) drills including the lunge matrix which we talk about in this episode.

And if you are a high school runner or coach, make sure you check out his Boulder Running Camps, one of, if not the top high school running camps in the country.

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