Final Surge Podcast Episode 43: Craig Lutz

In Episode 43 of the Final Surge Podcast we talk to professional HOKA NAZ Elite runner Craig Lutz. Craig ran for the University of Texas and discusses how he got his start in running and also talks about the LutzRunning high school distance camp in Flagstaff this summer.

Welcome to Episode 43 of the Final Surge Podcast. Today we talk to professional runner Craig Lutz about how he got his start in running and also talk to him about his high school running camps. Please remember to subscribe to the podcast if you have not done so yet, and rate and review us on iTunes and follow us on Twitter @FinalSurge.

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You are a very successful professional runner and you had a great college career at the University of Texas, but when did it all start for you and when did you first start really running?

Your high school career was extremely successful. You had a top 4 finish at Footlocker and you won the individual title at Nike Cross Nationals. When did you start thinking of running in college?

What type of mileage did you run in high school?

What was the thought process when you graduated from the University of Texas to go in the professional running route instead of using your business degree?

You seem to be using that business degree now with your newer LutzRunning camp in Flagstaff. Can you tell us about the camp?

Is LutzRunning still doing camps in Texas too or just Flagstaff?

How long is the camp in Flagstaff?

What can the kid expect when they come?

Where do the kids stay at your camp?

Some camps have a lot of running involved and some camps have less. How is the running aspect of your camp?

One of my favorite places to run is Buffalo Park. Do you have any plans to run there?

The Final Surge... 5 questions in under 1 minute
Favorite running book? - Steve Scott The Miler - Biography
Current trainers you are wearing? - Hoka Clifton 3
Favorite race? - Austin Capital 10k
Favorite meal or recovery drink? - Homemade smoothie
Your favorite workout - Mile repeats and long run at altitude

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