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Garmin Connect Sync is Here!

Sync your Garmin Data

Uploading your Garmin data to Final Surge just got easier! We are happy to announce our new Garmin Connect Sync feature. This feature allows you to connect your Gamin Connect account to your Final Surge account. Anything that gets uploaded to Garmin Connect will automatically sync over to Final Surge. Find out more!

Training Log Features

Robust Calendar

Our calendar makes it easy to view and track your training. Your workout details can be easily accessed through the various features our calendar offers.

  • Week, Month and Multi-Week view
  • View both planned and actual workouts
  • View weekly totals, including differences between planned and actual workouts
  • Color code your workouts and activity types to customize your view
  • Quick Add feature for easily planning future workouts
  • Full Add feature for in-depth workout tracking

Drag & Drop Workouts to Quickly Populate your Schedule

Our drag and drop calendar allows you to quickly move workouts around, copy existing workouts, and add new ones with ease!

  • Drag an existing workout to a new day to move it on your calendar
  • Hold down your Shift key on your keyboard and drag an existing workout to make a copy of it on a new day
  • Drag a workout from your workout library directly onto your calendar to add a new workout to your schedule

Equipment Tracking & Routes

Keep track of your equipment such as shoes and bikes. Set distance alerts so you know when it's time to retire that favorite shoe or replace a bike tire.

  • Record brand, model, price, date purchased, and much more
  • Set distance alert reminders
  • Upload images to help quickly identify equipment
  • Track mileage so you always know how much you've used that piece of equipment
  • Set up routes to automatically record and display your best times

Detailed Workout Tracking and Customization

We understand that every athlete is different. Some athletes prefer to track everything from heart rate to cadence and weather, while others simply want to record basic time and distance information. Final Surge gives you the best of both worlds with our customized workout screens.

  • Toggle on and off sections for each specific type of activity
  • Records workout activities and activity types to better categorize your training
  • Warm-up and Cool-down options
  • Additional metrics such as equipment, routes and weather
  • Advance workout tracking including intervals, rest and recovery

Garmin and Data Importing

Our easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly import workouts directly from your Garmin device or by manually uploading device files. Or, use our new Garmin Connect Sync feature.

  • Upload one or many workouts at a time
  • View your activity on Bing Maps
  • Import distance, time, heart rate, power, cadence, pace, activity type and more
  • View charts and graphs of your imported workouts

Workout Analysis

Chart and graph your workouts to help you better understand your training data.

  • Chart metrics collected from your GPS device
  • Graph data using duration and distance analysis
  • Zoom in on specific periods of your workout to get a more detailed view
  • Export your graphs to PDFs or images so you can analyze them offline

Mobile Apps

Take your workouts on the go with our mobile apps. Learn more here.

  • Quickly view, add, edit and delete workouts
  • Designed for touch screens
  • Data entry is quick and easy
  • Use in conjunction with our full site to get the most from your training log
  • Run or bike with the app to record your workout using your phone's GPS. Afterwards, upload your workout directly to your training log!

Coaching & Team Features

If you are a personal coach or coach a team or a club, we have everything you need to keep you and your athletes on the same page.

  • Team workout calendar can be shared with your entire team, or put individual workouts on your athletes' calendars
  • Leave comments about an athlete's specific workout
  • Create training plans that you can save and re-use for your athletes and teams
  • Enable team message boards and discuss training topics in a team forum environment
  • Brand the training log with your logo and colors
  • Add unlimited athletes to your account with no additional fees

We Never Stop

Our team is constantly developing new features for our training log and release them on a monthly basis. If you have any questions about our training log, please feel free to contact us at anytime.