Matt Fitzgerald 80/20

Matt Fitzgerald 80/20 Training

Run Stronger and Race Faster by Training Slower

Recent studies have proven that runners, triathletes, and other endurance athletes of all experience and ability levels improve the most when they consistently do 80 percent of their training at low intensity and the other 20 percent at moderate to high intensity. Other research has shown that virtually all professional endurance athletes obey this "80/20 Rule," yet the typical recreational endurance athlete spends only 50-70 percent of his or her total training time at low intensity. This so-called "moderate-intensity rut" is by far the most common and costly training mistake that endurance athletes make. The solution? 80/20 Training!

In addition to his 80/20 Running Plans, Matt has co-created 80/20 Triathlon Plans with David Warden, an internationally recognized endurance coach and the co-author of Triathlon Science.

Matt Fitzgerald & David Warden 80/20 Plans
Matt Fitzgerald & David Warden
Acclaimed endurance author, coach and nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald and world champion triathlon coach David Warden.

What You Get:

Each 80/20 training plan comes with the following:

  • Supporting resources and documentation for your plan
  • Use of the 80/20 Training Zones Calculator
  • The 80/20 Level Guarantee: if you discover that the level you have selected is too hard or too easy for you, simply contact for a complimentary switch to a different level within the same plan distance.
  • Training plan loaded onto your Final Surge calendar
  • Daily workout reminders detailing your upcoming workouts
  • The Final Surge mobile app, allowing you to view and log your workouts on-the-go