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With the New Year upon us, a lot of new and exciting features will be coming to Final Surge. If you are reading this, then you have already found our first big announcement of 2015 which is our Final Surge blog! Our new blog will be used for many different purposes. First, we'll be announcing some of our new feature releases here and describing how to use them to get the most out of your training log. Second, we will start having guest bloggers – top coaches and athletes who utilize Final Surge--who will be discussing a big variety of workout, coaching and fitness-related topics. We're proud to be working with some elite running teams around the country such as Brad Hudson's new Hudson Training Systems Elite Team in Colorado, and the Sonoran Distance Project - an Arizona-based women's training group who are all training for the Olympic trials marathon standard. These two teams along with other running and triathlon experts we'll be working with have a wealth of knowledge to share that we believe will be of interest to many athletes and coaches.

Third, our Weekly Workout feature starting later this month will focus on a specific workout one of our guest elite athletes or coaches use. They'll detail why they do the workout, how it helps prepare them for their upcoming race, and how you can use and modify the workout to fit your own needs.

Finally, in the coming days, we will also be releasing our training plan feature – plans built for the athletes who use Final Surge and do not have a coach. We're excited to be working with Luke Humphrey of the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project and owner of Hansons Coaching Services, as well as other top coaches across the country to provide some of the best training plans on the market.

2015 is going to be a big year for Final Surge and we are happy that you have chosen to take part in our journey to help both athletes and coaches achieve their goals. We hope this year brings you joy, happiness, and fun in all of your fitness-related endeavors.

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