Final Surge Podcast Episode 7: Jason Fitzgerald

In this episode we interview runner, coach, author and blogger Jason Fitzgerald, founder of the popular website Strength Running. Jason discusses what it takes to stay healthy as a runner, provides some resources for dynamic workouts and warm-ups, as well as much more.

Jason Fitzgerald runs a very successful website called Strength Running. Jason has developed a reputation as an expert in strength training and injury prevention through his coaching of runners.

:40 Can you tell us how you got your start in running?

2:00 You now run a very popular website and coaching service called Strength Running ... How did you make a transition into coaching?

3:20 Every coach I have talked to so far on this podcast has talked about the importance of consistency. And running injury free may be the most important factor in running consistently. What do you think is the key to staying injury free?

6:45 So let's start with a new runner. Maybe they just did a "coach to 5k" running program. They are still 30lbs overweight, but they finished their first 5k and have caught the running bug. What would you tell this runner they need to do to stay healthy?

9:05 You mention dynamic workouts and warm-ups, do you have any resources or can you lay out what that would look like? Jason mentions:
Mattock Dynamic Warm-up
Jason's IT Band Routine
Jason's Standard Core Routine

11:30 If you are working with a runner who has little experience, completes a couple of 5ks, but then wants to really get serious and maybe try moving up to a marathon, how would your strength routine differ with more running experience?

13:10 A lot of lower leg injuries that are common to runners are shins, knees and feet - do you find that those are often the cause of the problem or is something else in the chain the real cause?

15:10 A question from Twitter... How many days per week should you do core work and when should you exercise hips/glutes?

17:00 Have you ever thought of moving your core work to pre-run instead of doing it post-run?

19:30 You have a book titled Running for Health and Happiness. What inspired you to write that book?

Where can people find out more about you and your training programs?

Also mentioned: Tomahawk Medicine Ball Workout


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