Final Surge Podcast Episode 65: Jason Moore

In Episode 65 of the Final Surge Podcast we talk to the creator of the EliteHRV app, Jason Moore. EliteHRV now integrates with Final Surge. Jason is a Systems Designer and Health & Performance Consultant, in addition to being a coach. He discusses what HRV is and how it can benefit your training.

Welcome to Episode 65 of the Final Surge Podcast where today we talk to Jason Moore. Jason is a coach and the creator of EliteHRV, one of the most advanced HRV apps on the market. EliteHRV now integrates directly into Final Surge. We talk to Jason about what HRV is and how athletes and coaches should be using it to help with their training.

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How did you get started in endurance athletics and how did that lead to what you are doing with Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and coaching?

What is HRV?

Is the real value of HRV for an endurance athlete looking at the data to determine how well they are recovered?

How does HRV vary from morning resting heart rate?

If we want to track HRV, what equipment do we need to get started?

You mentioned the Polar chest straps. Will any ANT+ chest strap work or does it need to be newer?

Your CorSense monitor has a Kickstarter campaign? And where can they find one of them right now?

Your app is called EliteHRV. What makes your app different than other HRV apps on the market?

How do you take that morning reading? Do you need a stabilization period or do you take it right away? What is your recommended process?

When someone looks at Final Surge and sees their numbers, what should they be looking for?

What are we talking about when you are looking at the number going down, what is the variation you want to monitor?

Inside your app everything is color-coded, can you discuss the colors you use and what they are telling you?

What are some non-training factors that could play a role in HRV that we should be aware of?

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