Final Surge Podcast Episode 46: Korey Konga

In Episode 46 of the Final Surge Podcast we talk to ultramarathoner and coach, Korey Konga of Upper Left Distance Training. Korey discusses why he turned to running, ultra training, and his coaching company.

Welcome to Episode 46 of the Final Surge Podcast where we welcome competitive runner and coach Korey Konga of Upper Left Distance Training. Korey came to running as a way to change his health. Korey has a successful ultramarathon resume and has transitioned into coaching.

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How you got your start in running?

How did you make your transition in running? Was it with shorter races or did you make the jump quickly into ultramarathons?

Do you remember that first half marathon time?

What was the biggest difference between that first half marathon and the ultramarathons you moved into?

When did you start coaching?

What does the typical athlete you are coaching look like? Do you coach mostly ultrarunners or is it a mixture?

How does a base season vs competition season training program differ for the ultrarunners that you coach vs someone who is doing a shorter race like a 10k?

For the volume needed in ultra training and getting in time on your feet, are you doing a lot of back to back long runs?

What advice do you have for runners looking to make that change about becoming fat burners and is that as important in ultrarunning?

What is the average experience level of the runners you are coaching? Do they have some experience or are they newer runners?

What are the biggest challenges you are finding with newer runners looking to make that transition to the marathon?

Many new runners are probably not thinking about getting a coach. What type of advice do you have for runners who are considering getting a coach?

How do you structure a week?

What are signs that you see when people are not progressing as you like and what do you do to change up the training?

Are the athletes you work with mostly online or in person?

How has using Final Surge changed the way you are operating your business and coaching?

You have been very active with your updates and blogging on the site, how has that been going for you and what do you have planned there?

The Final Surge... 5 questions in under 1 minute
Favorite running book? - Jack Daniels Running Formula
Current trainers you are wearing? - New Balance 1400 v5
Favorite race? - 50 miler
Favorite meal or recovery drink? - Pizza
Your favorite workout - Threshold workouts

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