Final Surge Podcast Episode 41: Best of FS Podcast Part 1

In Episode 41 of the Final Surge Podcast we bring you the "Best Of" our first 20 episodes. This is a great way for new listeners to familiarize themselves with our podcast, and remind our current listeners of all the great coaches and athletes we have had on the show.

Welcome to Episode 41 of the Final Surge Podcast. This week we have something different for you. With 40 episodes recorded, we have talked to some of the greatest living coaches and endurance athletes around. Every week we add many new listeners to the podcast so we wanted to give you a “best of” show. We have gone through the first 20 episodes of the podcast and pulled out some of the best highlights from each podcast. This is part one that focuses on Episodes 1-20. We hope you enjoy it. If you want to catch any of the full episodes head over to to listen.

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