Weekly Workout #8

Rebecca Adamson of KR Endurance gives us a drill-focused early-season swim workout to help brush up on form and get a feel for the water.

The Workout

2500 yard swim as:

  • Warm up: 200 free, 50 kick, 100 pull, 50 kick on your back (arms in "arrow" over your head).
  • 2 x [4 x 50 as 25 fingertip drag/25 free, 25 fist/25 free, 25 catch-up/25 free, 25 thumb brush/25 strong] rest 15 seconds after every 50. During the free portion, focus on getting a strong feel for the water.
  • 4 x 100 as 50 fingertip drag/50 free, 50 fist/50 free, 50 catch-up/50 free, 50 thumb brush/50 free. 20 seconds rest after each 100.
  • 6 x 50 strong, focusing on completing the stroke and "feeling" the water. 15 seconds rest after each 50.
  • 4 x 100 pull, stay strong and streamlined. 20 seconds rest after each 100.
  • 4 x 75 as 25 free/25 fingertip drag/25 free, 25 free/25 fist/25 free, 25 free/25 catch-up/25 free, 25 free/25 thumb brush/25 free with 20 seconds rest between each 75.
  • 4 x 50 free as 3/5 breathing pattern by 25. 15 seconds rest after each 50.
  • Cool Down: 100 cool down easy

Workout Purpose & Benefits

The purpose of this workout is to work on proper swim form and body position in the water. Many triathletes like to get into the water and swim laps, however technique and feel for water are integral to developing efficiency and speed on the swim. The drills for the workout are:

  • 1) Fingertip Drag: during the recovery phase of the freestyle stroke, drag/skim your fingertips along the top of the water. Good for high elbows, feel, and proper entry into the water.
  • 2) Fist Drill: make fists with your hands during freestyle stroke. Good for high elbows, pull, and when you swim free again, your hands will feel strong as your "hold onto" the water.
  • 3) Catch-Up: from freestyle swim, keep the right arm extended straight out as you complete the stroke with the left arm. Then leave the left arm extended in front of you, as you take a stoke with the right arm. Keep up a good 2 beat kick with your legs. Good for completing the stroke, body position, and timing of the breath.
  • 4) Thumb Brush: swim freestyle and at the end of the stroke brush you thumb against your thigh. This drill focuses on completing the stroke.

Workout Usage

This workout serves as an early season brush up on swim form and feel for the water.

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