Final Surge and Olympian Nick Symmonds to offer Free Year of Run Gum

Final Surge has partnered with Olympian and World Silver 800m Medalist Nick Symmonds and his company Run Gum to help promote the new Final Surge iOS App. Athletes can enter to win a free year's supply of Run Gum.

Final Surge has partnered with 2-time Olympian and World Silver 800m Medalist Nick Symmonds and his company Run Gum to tell the world about the new Final Surge iOS App. Run Gum is easy to carry and delivers 50 milligrams of caffeine per piece, so athletes don’t have to drink large quantities of liquid to get the optimal amount of caffeine for training and racing.

Nick has created a promotional video for the new Final Surge app, and Final Surge is giving away a free year’s worth of Run Gum to one lucky winner on their promotional page:

Thousands of athletes, coaches, teams, and clubs around the world including high school and college athletes, adults, and professionals love the new Final Surge app. Final Surge only has a premium version and it’s free for athletes and helps plan, track, and analyze training to reach any fitness and performance goal.

Run Gum was founded by Nick Symmonds and Coach Sam Lapray. Working with Sam since college, Nick won 7 Division III NCAA Titles, 6 USATF Outdoor National Titles, and made two Olympic teams (Beijing 2008, London 2012). On the track during one of their many training sessions together the idea came to them. GUM!

Utilizing chewing gum as the caffeine delivery mechanism allowed for faster uptake through sublingual absorption. Furthermore, this lightweight, zero calorie option would allow an athlete to run free without the unwanted liquids sloshing around in their stomachs. A smarter approach to getting a caffeine kick was born.

Nick and Sam launched Run Gum because they know that people matter, and that performance matters, both in sport and in life. They endeavor to demonstrate this with their products, their inspiration, and their support for athletes of all levels.

To find out more and sign up for the giveaway, visit:

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