Final Surge Podcast Episode 20: Calum Neff

In Episode 20 of the Final Surge Podcast we talk double World Record Holder Calum Neff. Calum recently set World Records for fastest marathon and half marathon while pushing a stroller.

Welcome to episode 20 of the Final Surge podcast with World Record Holder Cal Neff. Cal is a dad, a runner and a coach who this year set the world record for the half marathon and marathon while pushing a stroller. We talk about what happens on those runs and how he adjusts his training. As we reach episode 20 the Final Surge team would like to thank you. We are over 10,000 downloads and growing. Please take a moment to rate us on iTunes, and send us a message on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you like most about the show and what you would like to see changed. Now, on to our interview with Cal.

So how did you get started running when you were young?

In early February of 2016 you won the Katy Half Marathon in 1:11:27, while pushing a stroller and setting the new Guinness Book of World Records for a half marathon. How did you get started pushing a stroller while running?

How old are your daughters that you push?

So when you were thinking of running the Katy Half Marathon, what made you think about going for the record?

I was watching some of the video you did from the Katy Half Marathon and it looked like you were streaming over periscope?

Do you often run with the cameras/phone?

Everyone listening to this with kids has been in that situation where you are stuck in traffic and the baby is in back of the car seat screaming. I know it can wear on you after a while. I noticed at one point with about 5k to go Holly started getting a little fussy... so how do you balance going for a record and hearing your baby cry?

How is running with a stroller different? Do you need to adjust form or anything?

How about training? Do you train any different and how often do you run with a stroller during the week?

Any advice on stroller shopping and what to look for?

You just set the world record for running a marathon while pushing a stroller too. Can you tell us about that race?

So your daughter is 4-years old now, the age you started running. Is she doing some running now too?

So you have a professional career, you are a husband, a dad, and a coach. How do you find the time to do the training needed to run?

So you are coaching now too, correct?

What type of athletes are you coaching?

How are you using Final Surge in your coaching?

A couple of questions from Twitter:
With all of the miles you log, what supplements do you use for quick recovery?

I would think there is probably some extra strain on the body. What are some of the strength exercises you do for your hips and core to keep them loose to prevent injury?

How many miles do you run every month in your training?

Every runner has their self-talk. What about kid talk? What good kid talk stories do you have?

Rapid Fire... 5 questions in under 1 minute
Favorite running book? - Lore of Running
Current trainers you are wearing? - Altra Torin 2.5
Favorite race? - Toronto Marathon
Favorite recovery meal or recovery drink? - Chocolate Milk
Your favorite piece of running equipment that is not your shoes? - Stroller Thule Glide

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