Addaero Users: Import Workout History and Library/Catalog

Addaero athletes and coaches can now import their workout history and their workout library/catalog into Final Surge. Final Surge has been working with Addaero to help make the transition between the platforms as easy as possible.

If you are switching from Addaero to Final Surge, you will be able to easily import your workout history data and your workout catalog/library into the Final Surge platform. We have worked with Addaero to build an import utility to help athletes and coaches make the switch to Final Surge.

First, you must export your workout history and/or library from the Addaero platform. You will be able to download both your history and library in a CSV file format. Below are links to the Addaero Support site for instructions on how to download these files:

Addaero Solo:

Addaero Classic:

Once you have downloaded your CSV file(s), log into Final Surge and click "Import Data" from the main "Workouts" menu at the top of the page.

On the Import Training Data page, click on the "Import Data from Addaero" button.

Once you are on the Addaero import page, you will see instructions on the left hand side. There are 4 possible types of import files you may have download from Addaero. These file types are:

1. Addaero Solo – Workout History
2. Addaero Solo – Workout Catalog
3. Addaero Classic – Workout History (old version)
4. Addaero Classic – Workout Library (old version)

Most users are on the Addaero Solo platform and will have one or both of the first two file types. A handful of Addaero users are still on the old platform and may have the classic file types. You must know which type of file you are uploading. If you do not know, please Contact Us and we'll be happy to help.

Click the "Select File" button on this page and select the CSV file that you have exported from Addaero. Next, select which type of file you have from the dropdown menu. The file type you select will determine how the data is imported and what fields get saved to Final Surge.

Once you have chosen your file and selected your file type, click the "Import Data" button on this page and your data will be uploaded to Final Surge.

Workout History Data
If you have uploaded one of the Workout History file types, click the calendar icon at the top of the screen in the row of icons to view your imported history.

Workout Catalog/Library Data
If you have uploaded one of the Catalog/Library files, click on the main "Workouts" navigation at the top of the page and select "Workout Library" to view your imported data.

If you have any questions or need any help getting your Addaero data imported into Final Surge, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


Team Final Surge

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