Take Final Surge On The Go!

Our free mobile apps for iOS and Android give you quick access to our mobile training log. View your workouts on-the-go and quickly add, edit and update basic workout information. Do you run or bike with your phone? The Final Surge app will use your phone's GPS to record your workout, take splits, view your route, and then upload your data directly to your training log. Download it for free!

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Access Your Calendar, View and Update Workouts

Quickly navigate your calendar to get to a desired day. The calendar is color-coded so that you know what days you have workouts on.

View and update your workouts, plan future activities, view laps and splits, send comments to your coach and much more!

Record Workouts, View Details, Upload to Final Surge

If you like to workout with your phone, you can now use the Final Surge app to record workouts using your phone's GPS. Set the app to take automatic or manual splits at any given distance. View your workout history and easily upload the data directly to Final Surge.

Lap/Interval Functionality

Are you scheduled to do an interval workout such as 6 x 800m? Use the app to take manual splits at any given point during your run. You will be able to see all of your past splits during the workout. When you are done, upload your activity directly to your Final Surge training log.

Coach Your Athletes On The Go

If you are a coach, you can view your athlete's training logs and invite new athletes to be coached by you. Add workouts on-the-go, access your workout library, view team calendars and send workout comments all from your mobile device!

A Host of Other Features

We've included many of the web-based training log features into our app such as our team message boards, files and resources, Workout Intensity Calculators and more to help both coaches and athletes communicate more efficiently no matter where you are!

How it Works

To make full-use of the Final Surge mobile app, you must first have a valid Final Surge account. You can create a new account by clicking here or you can create an account through the app.